Branding Guidelines

We’re tremendously excited that you want to do something cool with the MyFonts API! But first things first: we know from experience that users like to know who they’re dealing with. They don’t want to be confused about which apps are made by MyFonts, and which were made by great developers such as yourself. Therefore, we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines for your app.

Naming Your Application

The title or subtitle of the application that you create should not imply that it is an official MyFonts application. However, you may include "Powered By MyFonts" in the title or subtitle. For example, the app should NOT be called "MyFonts Cool Fonts," but it can be called "Cool Fonts - Powered By MyFonts", or just "Cool Fonts".

Describing Your Application

The description for your application must include the following phrase: “Made with the MyFonts API, by [your name].”, where [your name] is either your name or your company’s name. If your app is available for download from a website or from an app store, you should include this wording in the description of the app. You should not pass off MyFonts data as your own.

Using the MyFonts Logo

You may not use the MyFonts logo unless we explicitly approve how you will be using it.

Our Trademarks

You may not use the following names without our permission: “WhatTheFont”, “Hot New Fonts”, “Rising Stars”, “Creative Characters”.