MyFonts API Introduction

The MyFonts API lets you build apps that explore the wealth of fonts. You can browse the entire MyFonts font collection using various criteria, get more information about a font family and each font within it, and render font samples with a custom text.

To start using the MyFonts API:

  1. Register your app or website to get an API Key. You’ll need one.
  2. Review our Branding Guidelines and Terms of Use. We’ll appreciate that your app acts friendly.
  3. Explore our API endpoints. Discover, build, test and deploy!

This reference will help you to boldly, widely, lightly and even obliquely go where no font discoverer has gone before. If you build something awesome, let us know!

MyFonts API Endpoints


Fonts are created by designers such as Hermann Zapf, and then published by different publishers (also called foundries), for example Bitstream. Fonts are organized into families. A family can have many styles (like Helvetica Neue) or just one (like Bombshell Pro). The design of a family is described by categories such as sans serif. MyFonts sells font licenses for various kinds of usage (on desktop computers, websites, in e-books or apps) at a price. But what matters most is what a font looks like, so we provide customized bitmap font samples. With the MyFonts API Endpoints, you can access all this information — just checks the sidebar links!


Requests are limited to 500 per hour per API Key. If you make too many requests, you will receive a response with a 429 (Too Many Requests) status code. The limit to is encourage efficient usage of the MyFonts API. Font sample image requests don't count towards limit. If you have a use case that requires more requests, please contact us and we can increase the limit for your API Key.


Caching of MyFonts API data is encouraged, but you must not cache data for longer than specified in the HTTP response headers.

Grouping Requests

Many options allows you to select multiple items in a single request. For example, if you need the price for 10 fonts, you can request all 10 in a single request instead of making 10 requests. This will only count as a single request against your rate limit and will make your application faster.


All responses are returned in JSON format.

In the event that an invalid entry is used, the MyFonts API will attempt to use the appropriate error code. In addition, if there is a spelling error or an invalid entry, an error message in JSON format will be displayed with specific information about what the error is.

For example:

{"Error": "'abc' is not a valid input for 'id'. This value must be an integer"}

Strict Mode

By default, the API will have ‘strict mode’ turned on. This means that it will verify that all parameters that are entered are valid. An invalid parameter will return an error message as described above. Turning ‘strict mode’ off will ignore this error and proceed to return the information for valid parameters. Please refer to the Family, Price, or Fontsample endpoints for more information.

Error Codes

Code Title Description
200 Ok Success
400 Bad Request Invalid endpoint parameter.
403 Forbidden Invalid API key. Check the api_key option in your request.
404 Not Found Invalid endpoint. Check the end point exists.
429 Too Many Requests You've exceeded your rate limit. The count will reset at the start of the hour. If this is a persistent problem, please contact us and tell us why you need a higher limit.
500 Internal Server Error Unexpected error. Please contact the helpdesk so that we can investigate the problem.


Get information about Font Families using various search criteria.


Responses may be cached for up to 12 hours, per response http header.


  • Get font families named 'futura'
    • Request

    • Response

          "total_results": 6,
          "results": {
              "262": {
                  "id": "262",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/"
              "1245": {
                  "id": "1245",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/adobe\/futura\/"
              "2402": {
                  "id": "2402",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/urw\/futura\/"
              "3799": {
                  "id": "3799",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/futura\/"
              "6330": {
                  "id": "6330",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/ftbauer\/futura\/"
              "77057": {
                  "id": "77057",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/tilde\/futura\/"

  • Get more info about the first 'futura' family
    • Request|details

    • Response

          "total_results": 1,
          "results": {
              "262": {
                  "id": "262",
                  "name": "Futura",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/",
                  "release_date": "1927",
                  "publisher": [
                          "id": "6",
                          "name": "Bitstream",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/foundry\/Bitstream\/"
                  "styles": [
                          "id": "293572",
                          "name": "Futura Medium Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/medium-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "32"
                          "id": "293573",
                          "name": "Futura Medium",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/medium\/",
                          "sort_order": "31"
                          "id": "293574",
                          "name": "Futura Light Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/light-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "12"
                          "id": "293575",
                          "name": "Futura Heavy Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/heavy-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "42"
                          "id": "293576",
                          "name": "Futura Heavy",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/heavy\/",
                          "sort_order": "41"
                          "id": "293577",
                          "name": "Futura Light",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/light\/",
                          "sort_order": "11"
                          "id": "293578",
                          "name": "Futura ExtraBlack Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/extra-black-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "62"
                          "id": "293579",
                          "name": "Futura ExtraBlack",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/extra-black\/",
                          "sort_order": "61"
                          "id": "293580",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Medium Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/cond-medium-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "79"
                          "id": "293581",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Medium",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/medium-condensed\/",
                          "sort_order": "78"
                          "id": "293582",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Light Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/cond-light-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "73"
                          "id": "293583",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Light",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/light-condensed\/",
                          "sort_order": "71"
                          "id": "293584",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed ExtraBlack Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/condensed-extra-black-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "92"
                          "id": "293585",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed ExtraBlack",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/condensed-extra-black\/",
                          "sort_order": "91"
                          "id": "293586",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Bold Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/bold-italic-condensed\/",
                          "sort_order": "82"
                          "id": "293587",
                          "name": "Futura Condensed Bold",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/bold-condensed\/",
                          "sort_order": "81"
                          "id": "293588",
                          "name": "Futura Book Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/book-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "22"
                          "id": "293589",
                          "name": "Futura Book",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/book\/",
                          "sort_order": "21"
                          "id": "293590",
                          "name": "Futura Bold Italic",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/bold-italic\/",
                          "sort_order": "52"
                          "id": "293591",
                          "name": "Futura Bold",
                          "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/futura\/bold\/",
                          "sort_order": "51"

  • Get transitional font families available for web licensing
    • Request

    • Response

          "total_results": 50,
          "results": {
              "30": {
                  "id": "30",
                  "name": "Bernhard Modern",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/bernhard-modern\/"
              "43": {
                  "id": "43",
                  "name": "Carmina BT",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/carmina\/"
              "45": {
                  "id": "45",
                  "name": "Caslon 540",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/caslon-540\/"
              "47": {
                  "id": "47",
                  "name": "Century Expanded",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-expanded\/"
              "48": {
                  "id": "48",
                  "name": "Century Oldstyle",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-old-style\/"
              "49": {
                  "id": "49",
                  "name": "Century Schoolbook",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-schoolbook\/"
              "60": {
                  "id": "60",
                  "name": "Cooper BT",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/cooper\/"
              "62": {
                  "id": "62",
                  "name": "Corona",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/corona\/"
              "70": {
                  "id": "70",
                  "name": "Electra",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/electra\/"
              "76": {
                  "id": "76",
                  "name": "Eurostile",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/eurostile\/"
              "77": {
                  "id": "77",
                  "name": "Excelsior",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/excelsior\/"
              "78": {
                  "id": "78",
                  "name": "Fairfield",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/fairfield\/"
              "102": {
                  "id": "102",
                  "name": "Imprint",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/mti\/imprint\/"
              "108": {
                  "id": "108",
                  "name": "Janson Text",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/janson-text\/"
              "122": {
                  "id": "122",
                  "name": "Melior",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/melior\/"
              "124": {
                  "id": "124",
                  "name": "Meridien",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/meridien\/"
              "140": {
                  "id": "140",
                  "name": "Olympian",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/olympian\/"
              "144": {
                  "id": "144",
                  "name": "Oranda",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/oranda\/"
              "154": {
                  "id": "154",
                  "name": "Perpetua",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/mti\/perpetua\/"
              "164": {
                  "id": "164",
                  "name": "Romana",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/romana\/"
              "170": {
                  "id": "170",
                  "name": "Simoncini Garamond",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/simoncini-garamond\/"
              "194": {
                  "id": "194",
                  "name": "Windsor",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/windsor\/"
              "202": {
                  "id": "202",
                  "name": "Aldine 401",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/aldine-401\/"
              "204": {
                  "id": "204",
                  "name": "American Garamond",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/american-garamond\/"
              "211": {
                  "id": "211",
                  "name": "Dutch 801",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/dutch-801\/"
              "212": {
                  "id": "212",
                  "name": "Egyptian 505",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/egyptian-505\/"
              "234": {
                  "id": "234",
                  "name": "Industrial 736",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/industrial-736\/"
              "237": {
                  "id": "237",
                  "name": "Lapidary 333",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/lapidary-333\/"
              "239": {
                  "id": "239",
                  "name": "News 701",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/news-701\/"
              "241": {
                  "id": "241",
                  "name": "Revival 565",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/revival-565\/"
              "243": {
                  "id": "243",
                  "name": "Square 721",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/square-721\/"
              "251": {
                  "id": "251",
                  "name": "Transitional 521",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/transitional-521\/"
              "252": {
                  "id": "252",
                  "name": "Transitional 551",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/transitional-551\/"
              "254": {
                  "id": "254",
                  "name": "Zapf Calligraphic 801",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/zapf-calligraphic-801\/"
              "255": {
                  "id": "255",
                  "name": "Zapf Elliptical 711",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/zapf-elliptical-711\/"
              "259": {
                  "id": "259",
                  "name": "Modern 735",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/modern-735\/"
              "264": {
                  "id": "264",
                  "name": "Baskerville",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/baskerville\/"
              "265": {
                  "id": "265",
                  "name": "Baskerville No. 2",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/baskerville-no-2\/"
              "270": {
                  "id": "270",
                  "name": "Charter BT",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/charter\/"
              "274": {
                  "id": "274",
                  "name": "Bookman",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/bookman\/"
              "275": {
                  "id": "275",
                  "name": "Bruce Old Style",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/bruce-old-style\/"
              "276": {
                  "id": "276",
                  "name": "Bulmer",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/bulmer\/"
              "279": {
                  "id": "279",
                  "name": "Caslon Old Face",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/caslon-old-face\/"
              "282": {
                  "id": "282",
                  "name": "Century 725",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-725\/"
              "283": {
                  "id": "283",
                  "name": "Century 731",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-731\/"
              "284": {
                  "id": "284",
                  "name": "Century 751",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/century-751\/"
              "289": {
                  "id": "289",
                  "name": "Dutch 766",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/dutch-766\/"
              "290": {
                  "id": "290",
                  "name": "Dutch 809",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/dutch-809\/"
              "291": {
                  "id": "291",
                  "name": "Dutch 811",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/dutch-811\/"
              "292": {
                  "id": "292",
                  "name": "Dutch 823",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/bitstream\/dutch-823\/"

  • Get ten newest font families
    • Request

    • Response

          "total_results": 10,
          "results": {
              "165632": {
                  "id": "165632",
                  "name": "Aliengo",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/rodrigotypo\/aliengo\/"
              "165631": {
                  "id": "165631",
                  "name": "Garlic Embrace",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/pizzadude\/garlic-embrace\/"
              "165629": {
                  "id": "165629",
                  "name": "Alfina Notte",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/eurotypo\/alfina-notte\/"
              "165628": {
                  "id": "165628",
                  "name": "MFC Spindler Borders",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/monogram\/mfc-spindler-borders\/"
              "165616": {
                  "id": "165616",
                  "name": "Analogia",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/george-tulloch\/analogia\/"
              "165612": {
                  "id": "165612",
                  "name": "Amphibia",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/storm\/amphibia\/"
              "165610": {
                  "id": "165610",
                  "name": "Momotaro",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/hanoded\/momotaro\/"
              "165555": {
                  "id": "165555",
                  "name": "Open Sans",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/google-web-fonts\/open-sans\/"
              "165524": {
                  "id": "165524",
                  "name": "Centrale Sans Pro",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/typedepot\/Centrale Sans Pro\/"
              "165520": {
                  "id": "165520",
                  "name": "Centrale Sans Inline",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/typedepot\/Centrale Sans Inline\/"

  • Get ten most popular font families
    • Request

    • Response

          "total_results": 10,
          "results": {
              "164291": {
                  "id": "164291",
                  "name": "Brother 1816",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/tipotype\/brother-1816\/"
              "164046": {
                  "id": "164046",
                  "name": "Isidora",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/latinotype\/isidora\/"
              "164312": {
                  "id": "164312",
                  "name": "TT Lakes",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/type-type\/tt-lakes\/"
              "164768": {
                  "id": "164768",
                  "name": "Sunshine Daisies",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/my-creative-land\/sunshine-daisies\/"
              "72270": {
                  "id": "72270",
                  "name": "Proxima Nova",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/marksimonson\/proxima-nova\/"
              "164139": {
                  "id": "164139",
                  "name": "PhotoWall",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/deartype\/photowall\/"
              "99840": {
                  "id": "99840",
                  "name": "Brandon Grotesque",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/hvdfonts\/brandon-grotesque\/"
              "162571": {
                  "id": "162571",
                  "name": "Viva Beautiful",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/cultivated-mind\/viva-beautiful\/"
              "3884": {
                  "id": "3884",
                  "name": "Helvetica Neue",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/linotype\/neue-helvetica\/"
              "163679": {
                  "id": "163679",
                  "name": "Frontage Condensed",
                  "url": "http:\/\/\/fonts\/jurizaech\/frontage-condensed\/"


Name Description Type Values Default
name Name of font family string
Example: /v1/family?name=helvetica
name_type How strictly to filter names string exact contains startswith exact
Example: /v1/family?name=helvetica&name_type=contains
id Unique ID of font family numerical, one or more comma separated
Example: /v1/family?id=262
style_id Unique ID of a font style within the family numerical, one or more comma separated
Example: /v1/family?style_id=569
version_id Unique ID of a font version within the family numerical, one or more comma separated
Example: /v1/family?version_id=569
pub_id Unique ID of publisher/foundry numerical, one or more comma separated
Example: /v1/family?pub_id=6
category Filter by categories string, concatenate multiple options with | Use categories endpoint to get current list of categories.
Example: /v1/family?category=sansserif
license Filter by license types string, concatenate multiple options with | desktop web app epub server
Example: /v1/family?license=desktop|web
sort How to sort results string name popularity debut name
Example: /v1/family?sort=debut
sort_type How to order sorted results string asc desc asc
Example: /v1/family?sort=debut&sort_type=desc
ipp Number of items to be returned (a maximum limit may apply) numerical 50
Example: /v1/family?ipp=10
page Return items on page number (based on the items per page) numerical 0
Example: /v1/family?ipp=10&page=3
extra_data Return additional data string, concatenate multiple options with | details meta article styles popularitydefault_style_idposter
Example: /v1/family?name=helvetica&extra_data=details|meta
strict When disabled, input errors are ignored boolean true
Example: /v1/family?name=helvetica&strict=0

'extra_data' Responses:

Name Description
Max ipp*: 50
debut MyFonts debut date
release_date Original release date
publisher Publisher ID, Name, and URL of the font family
Max ipp*: 5
foundry Foundry ID, Name, and URL of the original supplier of a font family
designer Designer ID, Name, and URL of designers of a font family
categories Select categories that describe a font family
Max ipp*: 1
article_abstract Article abstract about a font family
Max ipp*: 1
width Weight value for style calculated from font similarity engine
thickness Thickness value for style calculated from font similarity engine
Max ipp*: 1
styles Style ID, Name, URL, sort_order of available styles within a font family
Max ipp*: 50
popularity Popularity score of a font family: The higher the number, the more popular it is.
Max ipp*: 50
default_style_id Default Style ID of a font family, usually that of the 'regular' or 'roman' weight.
* Items per page (ipp) maximums will be set at the lowest of the limits for the parameters you've set.


Get a list of publishers (foundries).


Responses may be cached for up to 12 hours, per response http header.

Publishers, often called foundries, are the source of the fonts offered through MyFonts.


Array with Publisher ID, Name, URL of all the Publishers

Font Sample

Generate a sample of a font in GIF or PNG format.


Responses may be cached for up to 7 days, per response http header.

Name Description Format Notes Default
id ID that identifies the font to be used. StyleID by default. numerical
idtype Change ID type. Select between Family ID, Style ID, or Version ID string familyid styleid versionid styleid
width Width of the overall image numerical 512
size Point size of the font in the font in the sample numerical 40
text Words to be used in the font sample string
format Format of the font sample image. Choose between GIF or PNG string gif png gif
fg Font color string 6-digit hex 000000
bg Background color string 6-digit hex ffffff
transparent Transparent background boolean true
border Size of the border around font image numerical 0
strict When disabled input errors are ignored boolean true
otfeature Enable rendering of ot features string case cswh dlig fina frac liga lnum numr onum salt sups
mode Used to enable pangram string. Setting mode to pangram will ignore any text set. string pangram
behaviour Make additional size adjustments to the image string resize shrink grow smartcrop wrap

resize: Change size so that the text is width pixels wide.

shrink: If necessary, reduce size so that the image is no more than width pixels wide.

grow: If necessary, increase size so that the image is at least width pixels wide.

smartcrop: Crop the image in between glyphs if image is wider than width.

wrap: Wrap text if it doesn't fit within width.


Get pricing information about fonts. Since prices may be localized, you must supply the IP address or country of the end-user seeing the price.


Responses may be cached for up to 1 hour, per response http header.

Name Description
id One or more comma-separated font family IDs
country Two-letter country code of end-user (ISO 3166-1). Either country or IP is required.
ip IP address of end-user. Either country or IP is required.
strict When set to false input errors are ignored. Default: true


Get a list of all font categories.


Responses may be cached for up to 12 hours, per response http header.

Categories are descriptive keywords that are useful if you don’t know a font family name. For example. you can search by keywords such as "script", "decorative", "serif", etc.

All Categories:

sans-serif slab-serif script decorative venetian garalde transitional modern engraving glyphic blackletter computer monospace legible funny math symbol picture


Get font updates since a time in epoch GMT format.



Name Required Description Type Values
since* yes Grab fonts since this date Unix Epoch GMT time int
targettype yes Grab this type of ID string style family
until no Grab fonts until this date Unix Epoch GMT time int
*Needs to be a unix epoch date from at least 2016-10-14 10:10:38 (1476456278).